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North Island:, 6A Enterprise Drive, Henderson
Ph: 09 837 6075
Email: or
Contact: Ian Hyland - 0274 988 375, Mark Parry - 0274 988 278, Robert Milligan - 0274 988 292

South Island:2/340 Flaxton Road, Rangiora
Ph: 03 313 8188
Company Profile
Company Profile : Chemfeed is a company specializing in providing premium products and services to the following Industries: Water Treatment Wastewater Treatment Swimming Pools and Dairy. We can offer industry leading guarantees and warranties, this is based on cutting edge technologies and dedicated professional staff, committed to excellence. Custom building to our client's specifications is just one of our strengths. Each product is individually tested before dispatch, ensuring hassle free start up and continued operation. All our products require the most minimal maintenance requirements, meaning significantly reduced overall ownership costs to our customers.

Products & Services
Data Systems, Monitoring, Meters & Instrumentation - Gas Detection, Process Control Equipment, Streaming Current Detectors/Controllers, Turbidity/Suspended Solids, On-Line Monitoring: Chlorine, Conductivity, Dissolved Oxygen, pH, Turbidity/Suspended Solids, UVT, Health & Safety - Monitoring Equipment: Environmental, Plant Equipment - Chemical Storage Tanks/Vats: Hazardous Substances, Chlorinators/Dechlorinators, Chlorine Leak Detection, Dry Feeders, Filtration Equipment, Gas Chlorination Equipment, Leak Detection Equipment: Gas/Liquid, Level-Control, Level-Measurement, Level-Radar, Level-Sensors, Lime Handling Equipment, Odour Control Equipment, Polymer Makeup/Dosing Equipment, UV Disinfection Equipment, Pumps - Diaphragm, Metering/Dosing/Injectors, Peristaltic, Progressive Cavity, Sludge/Slurry/Solids,Services - Dosing/Material Pump Parts/Services/Testing, Odour Control Services, Wastewater Treatment Plant: Maintenance, Water Treatment Plant: Maintenance, Swimming Pools - Calcium Hypo Makeup/Dosing Systems, Chemical Dosing Pumps, Chlorinators, Chlorine Generation Equipment, Dosage Equipment, Monitoring Equipment, Ozone Generators, Pool Controllers, UV Disinfection, Treatment Plant - Chlorine Dioxide Disinfection Systems, Gas Chlorination Systems, Remote Monitoring Systems, Sodium Hypochlorite Dosing Systems
Brands & Agencies
CHEMGUARD - Electric Automatic Chlorine Gas Shut-Off Devices, CHEMPAC - Powder Activated Carbon Systems, CHEMPOLY - Polymer Makeup systems, CHEMTANKS - Bulk Chemical StorageTanks, CHLORGUARD - Pneumatic Automatic Chlorine Shut-off Devices, FLOWLINE LEVEL TRANSMITTERS, JUMO - Analytical Equipment, PRIMARY FLUID SYSTEMS - Metering Pump Accessories, PROCESS INSTRUMENTS - Online Analysers, PROMINENT - Chemical Metering & Control Equipment, Gas Chlorination Equipment, UV Disinfection Systems, PUREAIR FILTRATION - Gas Chlorine Scrubber Systems, REALTECH - UVT Analysers, SCALETRON - Gas Chlorine 1 Tonne & 70kg Weighing Systems, TOMAL - Polymer Makeup Systems, Bulk Bag Handling Systems, PAC Makeup Systems, Emulsion Makeup Systems

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